Trying out Fujifilm Disposable Camera In Japan (with review and photo results)


Hi guys! I just got back from Japan, I went there with my lovely wife :). When we were planning our trip, I already made my mind on one thing: I need to get a disposable camera in the country where it is created and still popular until this day, shoot it and share with you guys the final results!
(I attached the high-resolution photos below)

The video is in Bahasa Indonesia but I added English Subtitle

So once I got there, I went straight to one of the department store. They sell it everywhere! They have several variants, from iso 400 – iso 1600, from 27-39 exposures. I bought the cheapest one, 27 exposures, iso 400 and it costs me 648 yen (around $6).

Let’s check the camera specification:
Lens: Plastic lens, 32mm f/10, fixed focus lens
Shutter Speed:1/140 sec.
Exposure Conditions: Outdoors on sunny or slightly overcast days.
Flash where required.
Subject-to-Lens Distance: From 1m to infinity
Finder: Inverted Galilean-type plastic lens finder
Flash: Built-in electronic flash(Effective subject-to-flash distance : 1m – 4m)
Dimensions: 115(W) x 54(H) x 34(D) mm
Weight: 90g

So how was it? What about the results?
Well, it’s a plastic camera with a plastic lens so don’t expect miracles.
BUT … I shot with this camera not expecting perfection, great bokeh or ultra sharp image. I am looking for the romantic and nostalgic side of it. In this world where everything is instantaneous, where I can shoot 10 frames in 1 second with my digital camera, I am looking for something that can slow me down, that feeling of uncertainty every time I click that shutter button, wondering whether I get the shot or not, which you can only tell after you process the film … It was fun! It’s like going back in time, a time when I first fell in love with photography. And when I got the results, I never pixel peep it, I didn’t complain when I got blurry shots, I forgot about all the technical stuff and really really enjoying looking the photograph as an extension of my memories, nothing else.

So, do I recommend this camera?
YES! buy one or two for your trip with your loved one, forget about all the technical stuff, be in the moment, you won’t regret it 🙂

Let’s take a look at some pictures taken with the disposable camera:

Cya guys soon!

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